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You can always reach out to us with any questions you may have.

Do your products have THC? Can I get high?

All of our products are FULL SPECTRUM. This means we keep the whole plant intact with our extraction method which produces the most raw, yet benefical form of hemp extract that includes multiple minor cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD is the main cannabinoid but our products typically result in preserved CBG, CBC, and a trace amount THC as well. All of these compounds work together synergistically to create the entourage effect.

When a standard dose is taken, the trace amount of THC is not enough to produce a 'high'. Start small, you can always increase the dose. You can see all COA's (Certificate of Analysis) for each batch on the product pages for more detail.

If you prefer a product with zero THC, we do not offer that type of extract at this time. We recommend finding a brand that offers BROAD SPECTRUM - zero THC. 

*Any cannabidiol (CBD) in the goods are solely derived from hemp with a delta-9 tetrahyrocannabinol (THC) concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.

What product should I take for (insert your ailment)?

We often get questions about which product is best for a particular ailment: sleep/anxiety/depression/arthritis/etc. The answer lies in both your own unique endocannabinoid system and in the type of product you take.

All forms of CBD can provide the following:

Reduces inflammation

Reduces cell growth in cancer/tumors

Reduces pain

Reduces anxiety 

Reduces insomnia

Reduces seizures/muscle spasms

Slows bacteria growth

Lowers blood sugar levels

Promotes bone growth

Manages psychosis

Protects nervous system degeneration 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Our Organic CBD Oil is a tincture you put under the tongue. This allows for quicker absorption into your body and can provide quicker relief. Our Gelcaps and Organic Gummies need to be digested, so the effect can take longer to feel, and also, last longer. Our topicals need to absorb through the skin which can be felt fairly fast for surface pain but may not be as strong as a product taken internally.

When it comes to specific ailments and what to take, it really depends on personal preference and a person's own unique endocannabinoid system. As laws allow for more research and science can catch up with centuries of successful use of cannabis, we will better understand how to recommend products. However, right now, we encourage our customers who are new to CBD to try a few different products, at different doses, and track what works best for you. This may take a little time but we find that when someone finds their right dose and what product they like, it works beautifully and they continue to use CBD. 

How long before I'll feel it?

For some, they can feel the effects of CBD almost immediately. For most, it can take up to 4 hours to feel the effects. Some will need to consistently take CBD for several days or weeks before noticing a significant improvement. We believe for some who are newer to using CBD, you may need to build up the compounds in your body before feeling the full benefit, which can take time.

Also, depending on your ailment, you may only need CBD 1x/day, others will find that it helps to take it every few hours throughout the day. Again, once you learn how quickly the CBD absorbs into your system and how often you need to take it, it can work beautifully as an ongoing supplement or product you use when needed.

 Will it show up on a drug test?

Because all of our products are FULL SPECTRUM, they can include multiple minor cannabinoids and terpenes, including up to .3% THC. The trace amount of THC works with CBD synergistically, to create the entourage effect; a better quality plant medicine. However, we cannnot promise the trace THC would not show up on a drug test. Our Organic Oil and Gelcaps final potency tests are typically a potential .25% THC per serving. Our Organic Gummies and Organic Chill Salve test at N/D (not detectable) for THC. Please see each product page for image of Certificate of Analysis.

If you prefer a product with zero THC, we do not offer that type of extract at this time. We recommend finding a brand that offers BROAD SPECTRUM - zero THC. 

*Side note: We get this question a lot and it’s such a bummer that some of our customers have to stress about drug test for a product that is intended to improve health, not to get high. We pray this stigma and misunderstanding of cannabis will be done and over soon. We want you to get the relief you need, safely and naturally. If we can help in any way, let us know.


Is it safe to mix with other substances/medications?

CBD on it's own is extremely safe. When it comes to mixing with other substances, always use caution. We have found that mixing with alcohol is safe. It seems that using CBD with most medications is safe, however we do know that mixing with a Benzodiazepine type medication (anti-anxiety) can cause adverse negative side effects. The Benzo will go into overdrive when CBD is introduced causing an increase in the psychoactive property of the Benzo. As more research becomes available, we will be sure to share with our customers.

What process is used for extraction?

 We use a no pressure, cold, sub-zero Kosher alcohol extraction to produce whole hemp-plant extracts that have all their terpenes and cannabinoids intact.

Cold sub-zero extraction process maintains the integrity of the hemp plant components in the finished CBD oil, creating a clean full-spectrum extract with minimal plant material and a high CBD yield of 60%-70%. This high yield means that we can produce high-potency products using less oil, resulting in a better taste and the entourage effect.  

The only solvent that touches our material is Kosher alcohol. Our no pressure process results in a clean oil with no left-over plant lipids and chlorophyll while keeping the natural terpene profile of the hemp maintained.